Let’s have a serious talk.

Homeownership is a great life accomplishment for Canadians. Normally we buy our first home when we have the savings and the income to make the big leap. Why is buying a home so significant? We believe it’s because there is a sense of pride and responsibility that comes along with owning property. Homeowners have to care for the house and the property in order to improve it, and hopefully, one day sell it for more than you bought it for.

One thing we forget to care for is the mortgage that comes along with it. Who on earth wants to talk about finance and lending, it’s such a dry topic. Statistics Canada noted that almost 1/3 of budget spending for a Canadian households went into the shelter. That’s huge, year in and year out Canadians are spending massive amounts of money on their mortgages. Where Canadians are missing out is in the advice and consulting side of mortgages.

We have an arsenal of professionals that help us in life. We rely on doctors for our health, personal trainers for our fitness, accountants for our taxes, and lawyer for a whole slew of issues. So why don’t we seek proper advice on our mortgages if they’re such a significant part of our financial life? Well, we’re lazy and going to our bank is just easier.

Canadians who don’t use a mortgage broker are missing out on massive amounts of advice and potentially throwing away boatloads of money. We can’t be experts in everything, that’s why we surround ourselves with professionals for other aspects of our life. Even having the option of sending off an e-mail to your mortgage adviser to hear their thoughts and get their advice could help you immensely, and they are happy to do it.

Get a mortgage professional on your side, having a go-to person for mortgages and lending advice will only make your life easier.

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