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Our team will connect you with a competitive lender in your area. We utilize a network of qualified connections to match you with a rate and policy that best matches your profile.

We will find you a lender nonetheless, our job is to find you the best deal and start you on your journey to owning a home. A qualified lender specializing in non prime applications will be in contact with you.

We will connect you with a credit repair specialist with the future goal of building credit back up to get approved for a mortgage. We have developed a step by step credit rebuild program that will increase your likeliness of approval after the program is complete.

We guarantee to begin the approval process on the same day, and provide you with a mortgage opportunity within 72 hours of completing our survey. Our pre approval process is also completely free and does not bind you to work with our qualified network of lenders. 

The more the merrier. Providing a larger down payment means you will need to borrow less and puts you in a better position for lending. There may be minimum down payment requirements depending on what state you reside in and your current financial and credit situation.

The interest rate will depend on a combination of your credit profile and current market conditions. Once we have processed your profile and surveyed the marketplace we will provide you with the most competitive offering. And not to worry, we only work with hand picked lenders who have a proven track record and can bargain for the best rates. 

Our team screens the information and performs a soft analysis to assess credit worthiness. In conjunction with our partners we then further process this as part of the pre approval process. In short, it’s better we get the necessary information now, rather than later. Saving yourself and us precious time. 

Proof of income is two-fold; it serves as identity verification as well as develops your credit profile. PropertyXpress values security above all, we ensure that our customers are who they say they are, and that their personal information is safeguarded. 

Yes! As you complete our applications our website is saving each answer you provide. If you are pulled away before finishing the application a service representative reach out to you, help you complete the rest of the application, and connect you with a mortgage broker.

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